Other people inspire us, learning together is fun, dynamic and creative.

The interaction brings about concrete solutions, immediately applicable as they are tested and approved by all.

This leads us…

To success, satisfaction, pleasure

It is what motivates us and makes us happy

It is what we call positive spiral!

Off we go?


• Using meetings to achieve your goals
• Increase your potential with time and stress management
• Assertiveness plays an essential role in the welfare of the manager and his team
• Measuring performance through employee evaluations
• Coaching as a powerful management tool
• Achieving better performance through motivation & leadership
• Managing conflicts: finding a long term solution

Communication and assertiveness
• The secret of clear and effective communication
• The art of communication between team members
• The challenge of communicating with people with different opinions/on different wave lengths
• Assertiveness as a means to success

Effectiveness and added value
• Effective communication and assertiveness as tools for success
• Creative thinking to achieve your goals
• Effective professional contacts with customers for non-salespeople
• Increasing your effectiveness through time and stress management
• The assistant manager: a key person in the business
• Dealing effectively with complaints
• Remaining calm and assertive when faced with difficult and aggressive situations

Sales and negotiation
• Business-to-business sales techniques and know-how
• Sales in showrooms and at commercial events : from welcoming a visitor to signing the contract
• Counter sales: how to close a sale quickly Give the customer advice and convince him. To sell him the best solution in a short time
• The art of successful strategic key account sales
• Proficiency in commercial negotiations
• Dealing effectively with complaints and difficult customers

• Selling over the phone: it’s an art
• Effective phone cold calling
• Answering the phone professionally and efficiently
• How to deal with complaints and difficult customers


About Marion: For Marion training is a passion present in her everyday life. She has the gift of finding the right touch for EACH participant. Marion does more than just concentrate on a person as an individual, she also has an eye for the customer’s needs. Each time she manages to find a suitable bridge between the wishes of management and the needs of the participants. One of the most frequent remarks about Marion is that after a training session the participants prefer to be trained by her even the next time. Jeroen