Gontcharuk & Associates work in small groups and with each person directly, taking into account their respective levels, to allow them to develop to the fullest. Working this way provides flexibility when acquiring the materials discussed, as part of daily practice, and allows direct improvement of the performance of each participant.

Gontcharuk & Associates bases its philosophy for adult education on the following principle: you retain 20% of what you hear and 30% of what you see; however, you retain 70% of what you say and 90% of what you do. For this reason we work on real situations and perform exercises that force the participants to be active, to work directly on the points they can improve, within the group that acts as an indicator. The effect of this method is incisive and the motivation to improve is even greater.

Gontcharuk & Associates applies the following values: respect, ethics, pertinence, imminence, engagement, effectiveness and service.

Gontcharuk & Associates works with professional trainers who have earned their stripes in practice; specialists who are confronted daily with all facets of management, strategy, communication, sales, negotiation or customer relations. Exactly in the same way as your employees! They will recognize this similarity immediately, resulting in positive acceptance of the new techniques.