Skill tests

We are accredited by Saville Consulting for WAVE psychometric skill tests that measure motivations, talents and preferred culture of managers and employees.

One of the main focuses of companies and organisations is talent management. Our customers concentrate on identifying their internal talents and their development, as well as on improving recruitment processes and maintaining those talented employees within the company.

The offer is destined to companies, departments specialised in human resources and in particular those that want to know their range of skills and areas where they can excel.

Saville Consulting, worldwide leader in modern psychometric methods, has developed a new generation of rigorous evaluation solutions to:

  • Select and develop individuals
  • Conduct changes within companies.


The tests:
Wave – Professional Styles allows to measure personality, motivations, skills and the preferred work environment of individuals. Wave measures individual motivations, talents and company culture in a single questionnaire. Our solution is designed to reveal key talented people. It is a very good indicator of the performance and potential at work.

Swift Analysis is an intellectual aptitude test. It measures general intellectual aptitude and three specific aptitudes:

  • verbal aptitude
  • numerical aptitude
  • logic aptitude (deductive logic)


We have worked with Marion for more than one year and our collaborations have always been excellent and efficient. In particular, we worked on the development of tools to test the capabilities of new employees. These tools were up to our expectations and support was always very responsive to Marion. We appreciated this very much. I definitely recommend Marion to a knowledgeable business leader! Sébastien