At Gontcharuk & Associates we propose consulting and operational coaching, and systemic company constellation. Coaching brings you insight, talent, motivation, skills and increased creativity increased. With a precise plan of action.

"Faced with a situation, I feel like I can do better.
What is happening?
I would love to understand and find my own solutions to feel better. Be more clear and effective"

Is it that indeed?


What is coaching?

In general, coaching is a support that aims at developing aptitudes, improving efficiency, adaptation to a new situation, decisional support or management of difficulties.

This support generally covers other skills compared to purely technical knowledge. It aims more particularly at "know-how" and "know how to be".

While "knowledge" (comprehension) and to some extent "knowing how to be" are passed on during training or apprenticeships, "know-how" is acquired on the spot.

The consulting coaching takes place "Offline" in a neutral place, outside the usual work context. It provides a framework that is safer than the "live" operational coaching. It makes it possible to step back and evaluate the various possible solutions calmly.

Operational coaching aims at developing autonomy to deal with situations that require practical answers and quick decisions. The coach is present alongside the person being coached during operational activity and oversees operation in real time and within the context.

We also recommend consulting or operational coaching after training with placing in situations that help the person being coached to deal with the many situations and real problems he encounters. While coaching, each individual will find customised responses that help obtain excellence.

Coaching through the company constellation system technique.
Company constellations are useful and effective for individual or team coaching, in treating problems related to change, creating and advancing projects, managing relational problems, and understanding and improving a work system or sub-system operation.

By stepping back and by means of representation in space, freedom of information and system rebuilding, company constellations allow to generate solutions for individuals and for groups, to rebuild mental construction and its positive integration.


Examples of coaching performed:

• At the moment of a promotion (for example becoming a manager), how to take over my new function more quickly for improved performance.
• How to develop my skills (leadership, time management, assertiveness, stress management, managing emotions…)
• What are my skills, my motivations, those aimed at improving my career?
• How to evolve, adapt and realize my potential?
• Low motivation or conflict situations
• Balancing my professional and private life