Within companies today, we find more and more people with physical, emotional and intellectual suffering.
We propose a natural Reiki method to rebalance these elements.
In order to succeed we have personal needs: well-being, growth, energy and healing.
Reiki stimulates the self-healing process, reduces stress and reinforces the immune system.

At Gontcharuk & Associates we also organise training and initiation for those doing Reiki.
The REIKI treatment can be applied to all living beings: humans, animals and plants.

The main effects observed from REIKI are an increased energy that :

  • reharmonises and revitalises the body
  • reduces stress, calms down and relaxes thoroughly
  • allows to recover from a burnout faster
  • stimulates the body’s self-healing process
  • reinforces the ability to recover after a trauma
  • corrects physical and emotional unbalance
  • eliminates toxins, purifying and fortifying the organs
  • reinforces the immune system
  • accelerates internal spiritual work.

REIKI is accessible to everyone (initiated or not) for treatment or self-treatment through an initiation. It is supplementary and does not replace medical treatment.


I discovered Reiki at the time of my burnout. The sessions I attended helped me regain some balance and dynamism. Perceiving progress at each meeting is essential to regaining our vitality. To benefit from Reiki from a practitioner with professionalism but also thoughtfulness and selflessness is a true opportunity. Martine

I have known Marion for about a year now and I truly believe that to meet her was one of the greatest blessings in my life.  She is very gifted and each Reiki session with her is a unique experience that leaves me feeling incredibly peaceful and energized. Every time it feels like I am getting a little closer to my true self. Marion is a truly compassionate, intuitive and kind person that always makes me feel welcome.  She is very professional and able to create an atmosphere where one feels comfortable asking questions and sharing thoughts. I never feel rushed when I talk with her.  Like everybody nowadays, I live a rather stressful life and sometimes I have the impression that each activity I do, even the best one, is too much for me to handle. This never happened with my Reiki sessions with Marion: I always look forward to these sessions as if time could stop during this time to allow me to recharge myself.
A long time ago someone told me that what matters in life is not what happens to you but the people you meet.  I believe that Marion is one of those people who can make your life better.  Nadia